Sunday, 5 July 2009

Dollar & Dime (Initial Design Ideas)

As promised I am uploading the initial design ideas for the Dollar & Dime flyer in various places.

Idea 1: The brief of possibly having a 60/70's american feel inspired this design. Having seen Robert Mars use old american diner/motel signs in his work, I felt it would work well as a housing for the event name, it was just a matter of finding the right shape and style to the text to place within it.

This is probably still my favourite initial idea.

Idea 2: I feel this idea had an american feel to it, partially because of the colouring and partially because it has hints of the american flag layout.

Idea 3: This idea is a close favourite behind Idea 1. The dancing couple helped split the design in two and create an area for the title which stands out purely by having the alternate colour background to the information side of the design.
This was the idea which was revised heavily into the final design, the title layout and it being on a black background being the main part to stay. The dancers were removed to give less of a formal dance look.

Idea 4: Very american looking using the colours and the american flag in the title design. Probably the least clear layout and not the easiest to read, makes this my least favourite layout.

Idea 5: This design is the least american inspired of all the designs and gives a very formal feel to the event.

I felt this one could work easily in more than one layout and therefore included an alternative.

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