Sunday, 15 November 2009


The final piece, 45cm x 60cm

The six HOPE pieces

HOPE#1: Card cutout painted using black acrylic with black sequins applied, mounted on grey suedette.

HOPE#2: Wood effect paper cutout, mounted on card covered with green foil.

HOPE#3: Card cutout in reverse painted using lilac acrylic, back mounted with card painted using purple acrylic.

HOPE#4: String, stuck to card painted using orange acrylic.

HOPE#5: Mirror card cutout, mounted on black minerva.

HOPE#6: Blue paper cutout, mounted on yellow suedette.

The six LOVE pieces

LOVE#1: Card cutout painted using red acrylic, mounted onto blue foam sheet.

LOVE#2: Card cutout painted using brown acrylic, mounted onto wood effect paper.

LOVE#3: Card cutout in reverse painted using white acrylic, back mounted with card painted using green acrylic.

LOVE#4: Red PVC cutout, mounted onto canvas painted with gold enamel.

LOVE#5: Card reverse cutout, back mounted with mirror card.

LOVE#6: Yellow suedette cutout, mounted onto purple foam sheet.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

...finishing "LOVE and HOPE"

I've made the final 3 squares having decided 12 will be the final amount, and have used string, sequins, pvc, canvas and enamel paint in addition to the materials I had already used.

I have layed the final 12 squares out in landscape...

...and portrait...

I think I'm going to go with the portrait layout when I fix them together, I just haven't decided wether to stitch them as originally planned though, I'm veering towards not doing so, only fixing them on the reverse in some way.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

...continuing "LOVE and HOPE"

I've now made 9 squares and have so far used: Card, Acrylic Paint, Suedette, Minerva, Foam, Foil Sweet Wrappers, Mirror Card and Wood Effect Paper.

Still unsure how many more there will be or how it will be finally laid out - do I make it portrait, landscape or square?, I'll decide later.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

The beginnings of "LOVE and HOPE"

Inspired by seeing Steven Harringtons' "Community" featured in the book Illustration and incorporating Robert Indianas' iconic "LOVE" and "HOPE" having seen them in New York, I have begun making 15cm squares using different materials to create each one. I then plan to stitch them together to make a mosaic of LOVEs' and HOPEs', I don't know what the final size of the piece will be yet, it will depend on how many different way's of making each square I can come up with.